Investor Relations

Ethics Line

The Ethics Line is a contact form available to all Comgás professionals, customers, suppliers and the community. The Line exists to report suspected fraud, misconduct or any act that is contrary to the values and principles of the company, which are set out in our Code of Conduct (click here to access it in Portuguese only).

In order to ensure the transparency and confidentiality required for such a channel, the Ethics Line is operated by a fully independent external company.

When accessing the Ethics Line, you do not need to identify yourself. However, it is important to know that the more information you provide, the faster and more efficient the investigation will be.

All calls to the Ethics Line will be directed to Comgás’ Fraud Officer, responsible for verifying the information received and its proper referral.

If you have something to report, please contact the Ethics Line at any time. Service only in Portuguese.

Reports can be made to the number 0 800 725 0039
or also to the website (in Portuguese)