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Shareholders Remuneration

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Shareholders Policy

The by-laws of Comgás require the payment of compulsory dividends equivalent to 25% of net income once a 5% legal reserve is formed. The by-laws also establish that preferred shares are entitled to a dividend 10% higher than the one ascribed to common (voting) shares. The payment of interim dividends is an option of the company, as approved by the Board of Directors.

The by-laws of Comgás also determine that the Board of Directors may approve the payment or to credit of Interest on Own Capital (IOC), subject to ratification by the Annual General Meeting which evaluates the financial statements related to the fiscal year in which such interest were paid or credited. The Interest on Own Capital (IOC) could be ascribed or not to the compulsory dividends, as decided by the Board of Directors, in accordance with the applicable law.